My background is in computational biology, genomic technology development, and molecular biology. While my primary day to day work these days is computational biology and tool development, I also have a broad background in developing novel technologies within single-cell genomics and genetic screens. I love working with cross-functional teams and being heavily integrated at every stage of the projects I work on. I'm most excited when working on or applying new and interesting technologies with relatively unexplored strategies for processing and/or downstream data analysis.


I'm currently computational biologist at Tune Therapeutics, focusing on early stage research and development aimed at in-vivo and ex-vivo applications of gene activation or repression and target discovery.

Prior to joining Tune, I was a computational biologist at 10x genomics, where I made key contributions to several products including Single Cell Fixed RNA Profiling (now Single Cell Gene Expression Flex) (many contributions including computational biology lead and early-stage/core team member), Visium for FFPE, Xenium In Situ, Targeted Gene Expression, Chromium X Series instruments, and the low throughput kit configurations for various 10x assays. I acted as a project lead for a group of 3-4 computational biologists and made individual contributions to probe design algorithms/software tools for in-situ ligation based assays and hybrid capture, internal and customer-facing analysis software development utilizing python, rust, and martian, and regularly contributed bespoke analyses to help inform and drive forward product development. I worked extensively within cross-functional teams helping contribute to a variety of challenging problems from both the perspective of both a computational biologist and molecular biologist. I also co-authored several patents covering computational methods and assays.

I was also an NSF graduate research fellow at UW Genome Sciences, working on novel applications of single-cell technologies with Jay Shendure and Cole Trapnell. I was also a computational biology intern and consultant for 10x Genomics during graduate school.

Before graduate school, I worked in Daniel MacArthur's group at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute, predominantly focusing on the identification and annotation of multi-nucleotide variants in ExAC.


Please download my CV (last updated April 2022) to learn more about me and/or get in touch via email.

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